A natural life, for natural beef

In these semi-wild spaces, the cattle roam and eat freely, raised in a natural environment. The limestone, the flora and the freedom give the cattle a good life, all of which results in the enhanced texture and flavour of the meat.

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The benefits of grass fed beef


Quality & Flavour

➤  Hereford and Angus quality cattle

➤  Leaner beef and more flavour

➤  Marbled fat giving succulent and tender meat



➤  Higher levels of omega-3 and other fatty acids

➤  More antioxidant vitamins – vitamin E, Zinc, Magnesium, and more.

➤  Leaner beef with more flavour


Price & Origin

➤  Guaranteed Irish – reared, butchered and sold in Ireland

➤  Competitive pricing and top quality meat

➤  Variety of choice, to suit any household


Animal Welfare

 ➤ Fed on natural food – grass

➤  Slow growing animals – healthier and happier

➤  No unnecessary food or medical substances

➤  No long stressful long-haul transportation of animals

➤  Reared and butchered locally


Nature & Sustainability

➤  Registered and Board Bia approved.

➤  Managed grazing meadows, which sequester carbon in the soil

➤  No international transportation – reared and delivered in Ireland

➤  Eat less red meat, but eat quality!

I think using animals for food is an ethical thing to do, but we’ve got to do it right. We’ve got to give those animals a decent life and we’ve got to give them a painless death. We owe the animal respect.
Temple Grandine, Scientist, activist and animal welfare expert

Slow growing and quality life

Hereford and Angus cattle

The cattle are grass-fed and range freely over the extensive pastures; all cared for and maintained through the regenerative farming practices the O’Rourke’s implement. These practices take into account all aspects of the environment, from biodiversity, sustainability, animal welfare and managed grazing. This farming style benefits the animals, allowing them to live and grow in a natural pace and way, resulting in quality of life for the animals and better beef for humans.