Our meat boxes are from grass fed cattle, raised on our 500-acre farm in the Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland. Our Hereford and Angus cattle range freely over the extensive pastures, the lush pockets of grass found within the limestone landscape of the Burren.

Grass fed • Aged 35 days • Meat Boxes

GEOfood Reared in The Burren

In the semi-wild spaces of the Burren, the cattle roam and eat freely, raised in a natural environment. The limestone, the flora and the freedom give the cattle a good life, all of which results in the enhanced texture and flavour of the meat. Proud to be part of the GEOfood brand which promotes food that is sourced and produced in UNESCO Global Geoparks. Emphasing the connection between local food and the food traditions and geographical heritage of the region.

The beef is butchered by a local craft butcher, who extracts the best cuts. The cattle are grass fed and free roaming, and our beef is aged for 35 days, for maximum flavour and tenderness. 

The farming practices are steeped in heritage, native tradition and sustainable procedures. 

grass fed • Aged 35 Days


Order one of our meat boxes, filled with a selection of cuts from Burren Premium Beef.

Reared, butchered, and sold in Ireland.

5 kg beef box

A great starter box for anyone wanting to try the premium beef of our meat boxes.

10 kg beef box

This meat box gives you a good selection of our premium cuts of beef.

Succulent steak in our meat boxes

20 kg beef box

The ideal box for a household that prides itself on eating and serving the best beef.

Gourmet beef and wine with our gourmet box

5, 10 or 20 kg beef box with more

Perfect for special occasions or to give as a gift. The Burren Beef Lux Collection includes additional treats.

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Bronagh & Cathal O’Rourke

For the love of the land

For over 200 years and five generations, the O’Rourke family has cared for and farmed in this unique part of Ireland. This is the heart of The Burren. This is not the country of endless meadows, but rather a natural setting where lush grass meadows are interlinked with bare limestone, dense hazel groves, and cool lakes. Here is where Bronagh and Cathal O’Rourke make their home with their three daughters.

This is a wild landscape where farmers have adapted to work in symbiosis with nature. Here, among the varied flora of the Burren, in the UNESCO Global Geopark, the O’Rourke family rear top-quality beef, renowned for its flavour and texture, in a 500-acre family farm.

Step into the Burren with our produce, walks and stays – all in this beautiful landscape.